14 February 2019


Beware of Counterfeits!

WARNING! The Following Sites Are Out Of Our Control

Protecting Customers Is a Priority for Hoshizaki!

Many dubious sellers offer counterfeited products that are difficult to distinguish from the original. The websites of their companies also look legitimate.

How Do I Protect Myself from Counterfeit Machines? If you are not familiar with a Hoshizaki’s machine, play it safe. Make sure the machine is actually manufactured by Hoshizaki. You can also ask Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation whether the seller is one of the Agents authorized by Hoshizaki Vietnam or not.

In Vietnam, machines may only be sold through Hoshizaki Vietnam or Agents are authorized by Hoshizaki Vietnam.

Please remember: Even if an illegal machine seems to work, you never know what substances you are in fact taking – nor what risks they have and side effects they may cause.