Yamazaki – Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation official


“Hoshizaki Vietnam is working together on our challenge”

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Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. started the business with manufacturing and selling bread, sweet buns, Japanese- and Western-style confectionery in 1948. Together with the fusion of Yamazaki’s spirit of “asking the world with quality, products and services by good food and low price in customer-oriented spirit” and the words leading the way of life “By challenging the change by wisdom and knowledge, to create new value and new demand”, we are exciting to practice, execute and demonstrate our daily work. We are challenging ourselves day by day to make awareness of “Speaking of bakery in Vietnam, It’s Yamazaki”. We bring new food culture to Vietnamese people who were not familiar with breads by various ingenuity to store and products. Our energy comes from Customers’ delightful smile with enjoying hot bread. Hoshizaki Vietnam is working together on our challenge.